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It can be difficult deciding to pick up the phone and call a doctor you’ve never met to discuss personal issues about your body, some of which you may find embarrassing.

Please be assured Dr. Chen will put you at ease and help you come to the decision that is best for you. To help you learn more about Dr. Chen’s personality and patient care, read what her patients have to say:

Thank you so much for doing a wonderful breast reduction surgery. Because if this, I’m running my first RAGNAR in June and I feel awesome not having the extra weight on my body! J.B. – Salt Lake City,UT

Dr. Chen did a lift on me and I was so impressed with her abilities. She is a perfectionist and she superseded my expectations. She really cares about her patients, and is able to connect and relate with you. I am so happy I did it and would highly recommend her to anyone! P.J. – Salt Lake City, UT

My experience with Dr. Chen came unexpectedly. All my life I had viewed myself as someone who would never seek cosmetic surgery. But when early detection of cancer caused me to lose one breast, I was suddenly faced with the decision of whether to reconstruct. Dr. Chen guided me through the process of that extremely personal choice as expertly as if she had received the same training in psychology and recovery therapy as she has in the science of cosmetic surgery. She listened, perceived even my unspoken concerns, patiently educated me on the options, and insightfully led me to discover which approach would be best for me. She validated my feelings and executed my decision in a way that made me feel like she and I were equal partners in the successful resolution. I am enormously pleased with the results of her artistry, and even more appreciative to be able to consider her an ally and friend on my path to full recovery. H.C. – Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Chen performed a neck lift on me the day before Thanksgiving. Because of the holiday, she wasn’t scheduled to be back in the office until the following Tuesday—six days. However, because she is so conscientious, she came in on Friday just to make sure I was OK. It turned out to be especially helpful because the bandage kept slipping down over my forehead, and was constantly annoying. I really appreciated her care for me as a person, not just a procedure. M.C. – Salt Lake City, UT

I have nothing but good to report about the care I have received before, during, and after my breast reconstruction, after my mastectomy due to breast cancer. Dr. Chen is a miracle worker and artist. I say that because I am a 70 year old and she literally rearranged my body to a normal state! You are the best there is when it comes to breast reconstruction! S.C. – Harrisville, UT

My appointment with Dr. Chen was calm and reassuring. I am very impressed with the work on the breast. I am amazed at the knowledge and expertise of D. Chen in the DIEP surgery, She has been honest and told me all about what to expect and what my part to heal the best would be. I am so glad that I had the surgery! It has been worth it in every way. It is so nice to feel normal again thanks to Dr. June S. Chen, M.D., P.C.  S. W. – Taylorsville, UT

You will never know how much what you have done for me means. It has been a great decision and you have been the key, you are a wonderful doctor and person. You made everything so easy for us. We were a little uneasy going out of town for a surgery but we are so happy we did. I have already spoken with several people about our positive experience and I am sure you will see patients from Durango in the future. S. P. – Durango, CO

Dr Chen, Just thought I would drop you a note, to let you know how thankful I am for you and your priceless talent as a (my) plastic surgeon. I have learned so many lessons and have met so many wonderful people through my cancer journey, and these lessons and new friends I would not trade for the world. Thank you, thank you for being a wonderful, important part of my journey. K.H. – Salt Lake City, UT

As an Oncology nurse, I was shocked to have my own diagnosis of breast cancer. I felt my life coming apart and I am greatful to Dr June Chen for helping me put it back together again. I found Dr Chen to be very thorough and meticulous- the kind of personality required for an expert reconstructive surgeon. I felt welcomed on my first visit and the connection increased with each appointment. Her employees are experts in each of their fields from biilling to scheduling and in the general operation of the office. I appreciated their friendship as well as their professionalism. I am extremely pleased with the results. However, I am most greatful for the kindness, concern and expert guidance while navegating the difficult road of cancer. L.A. – W. Point, UT

After being diagnosed a second time with breast cancer, I visited Dr Chen where her kind and cheerful office staff put me at ease. Dr Chen spent an inordinate amount of time answering my long list of questions. Her patient guidance helped me to make a decision that was right for me. The DIEP Free-Flap surgery proceeded without complication and I actually feel I look better now than I did before. Dr Chen practices her craft with artistry, expertise, attention to detail, and compassion. Thank you! J.G. – SLC, UT

When you learn that you have breast cancer, it is one of the most frightening news you can receive. After I made my decision to have a bilateral mastectomy, I wanted to know all of my options for reconstruction, and I wanted to hear it straight foward, no punches pulled. Without receiving the information directly as it related to me and my body, I could not make an educated decision on which surgery was right for me.

As soon as I called Dr Chen’s office to ask for a consultation and spoke with Corinne, I felt I was on the right track. To be greeted in a friendly, compassionate, respectful and professional manner helped ease my mind immediately. Dr Chen was not my first reconstruction consultation, but immediatley I felt she might be my choice simply by the way I was treated by her staff.

When I met Dr Chen, I was relieved to have her tell me very directly what my options were and which surgeries would work best with my body. I chose the DIEP Free-Flap for my reconstruction and am so very thankful I did.

Leading up to the surgery, I found comfort in my developing relationship with not only Dr Chen, but with Corinne and Tracii. Tracii is so very easy to work with and she was such an incredible help to be when dealing with my insurance company. Over the months I grew to feel Corinne and Tracii were pary of my family and that they truly cared about me as a person and not just a patient.

While DIEP may not be the solution for everyone, I had an incredible easy recovery. Dr Chen worked with the hospital staff before my surgery to make sure they knew how to care for me after this very complicated surgery. I did receive the best care for the 3 days that I was in the hospital. Dr Chen called me at home after I was discharged to make sure I was doing well. Any questions or concerns, Dr Chen and her staff were right there for me giving me the personal attention I needed during this stressful time.

A very important point to me- I awoke from my surgery with breasts and so I never suffered the emotional trauma of loss.

I found this procedure was perfect for me. I was in very little pain during my recovery. In fact, the last paint pill I took was the day after I was discharged from the hospital. I actually went to the state fair 5 days after my surgery and was driving after a week. I did not lose mobility in my arms and am so thankful this surgery spared my core muscles! One thing that help me with the pain was sleeping in a recliner until my abdomen was healed rather than attempting to pull myself up and roll out of bed.

A little over 3 months after the surgery, I came into Dr Chen’s office and she constructed nipple out of the tummy skin that had replaced my areolas. A little over 4 months after that, I came back into Dr Chen’s office and had areola tattooing. When I went to my regular physical exam 2 months later, my doctor did not realize, until my breast exam that Dr Chen had not reattached my own nipples. She brought the other doctors in the practice to come and see and they could not believe that Dr Chen had constructed these very realistic nipples!

Dr Chen, Corinne, and Tracii helped me through the most difficult time of my life. Dr Chen has made me whole again and I will never be able to thank her enough for her care, compassion, and skills that have put me back on track to living my life to the fullest.  J.M. – Sandy, UT

Dr. Chen & Corrine helped me through one of the most challenging times by answering myriads of questions and putting me and my family at ease. Dr. Chen is impeccable and works tirelessly to deliver the best results for her patients. I will always be grateful for her commitment to my whole experience.

Dr Chen was very professional and answered any and all of my questions I had regarding a double mastectomy. We have done one of two of the surgeries I need and she did an amazing job! Her office staff Corinne was so pleasant, sweet, warm and welcoming every time I came into the office. I would definitely recommend Dr Chen for any reconstructive or plastic surgery needs. I am so happy she is the Dr I was referred to.

Dr Chen and the entire staff is great! Very personal, always willing to answer any questions, and quick to respond about any concerns. Dr. Chen made sure that I had all the information going into the surgery and what to expect based on my personal health and body. Corinne was a big help with scheduling, concerns, and making sure I understood the financial side of things. Good experience all around!

I am very impressed with all the medical care I received from Dr. Chen, she has been rallying for my recovery and her staff is way awesone. I have been fortunate to have Dr Chen taking care of me in the hospital and after care. I’m very happy and appreciative of their caring. I call sometimes and panic if I missed an appt. lol but they assure me I’m going to be alright. lol

Dr. Chen is a perfectionist and also has a great bedside manner. I was very fortunate to see her for breast reconstruction after chemo and a bilateral mastectomy and am so happy I found her! I was nervous for such an involved surgery, but she put me at ease and everything went very well. I’m so pleased with the results and highly recommend Dr. Chen and her staff.

I have LOVED my experiences with Dr Chen so far! She has made the whole experience very comfortable all while professional. I have been so happy with my results and they are WAY better than I had imagined or expected! I am seriously obsessed with my results!! Would highly recommend Dr Chen!!

Absolute perfectionist! So impressed with her attention to detail and the amount of pre-surgery time spent to measure 3, 4 and 5 times, and to make sure I understood the options. Very happy that I found Dr. Chen.

Amazing and extremely talented. I believe she considers what she does as a work of art. Thank you for your excellent care!

If you’re looking for the best plastic surgeon in Utah then look no further! Dr. Chen is amazing, professional, and friendly. Because of her hard work and dedication (and that of her staff!) she helped to change my life. I am eternally grateful to her!